Lip Balm Not Just For Lips ~ 10 Other Uses

As you know Lip Balm is always a great choice for chapped lips but I bet you did not know that chap stick has many other uses?

1. Moisturizer – Next time your on the go and you don’t have any lotion handy, try Lip Balm for your hands, feet, knees and elbows. It works as a great moisturizer.

2. Hair Dye Stain Help – If you’ve ever used at-home hair dyes you know how easily it can stain your skin. Next time try applying some Lip Balm along your hairline first. The lip balm makes a great barrier between skin and dye, leaving you more time to enjoy your new ‘do and less time scrubbing at the stains it left behind.

3. Cuts and Shaving Nicks – They may be little, but paper cuts and shaving nicks can be quite painful, especially at the moment the air hits them. Help stop that pain from air hitting the nerves by rubbing Lip Balm over the cut. In addition to pain relief, the lip balm will also aid in healing the cut itself.

4. Perfume – Have you ever loved the smell of your chap stick or lip balm? Try putting some behind your ears or on your wrists for a perfume pick me up.

5. Out on the Town – Grab some of your glittery lip balm and rub it on your cheeks, arms or legs, whatever you want to shine, just like you would glittery lotion.

6. Stuffed up Nose – Smear some mint chap stick on the insides of your nostrils to help moisturize, soothe and alleviate congestion.

7. Brittle Nails – Dab a bit of chap stick to dry and brittle nails, it can keep them from breaking off until they can grow out long enough to be cut.

8. Remove a Stuck Ring – Coat finger with chap stick and slide the ring off.

9. Prevent Car Battery Corrosion – Smear Chap Stick on clean car battery terminals.

10. Leather Shoe Shine – No shoe shine, grab some lip balm and rub over the leather and buff with a dry, clean cloth.

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