10 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Gym


1. Is spending the money on a monthly gym membership an investment in myself? If your not fully committed to getting in shape, joining the gym could end up being a complete waste of money. So before you start looking for a gym, make sure you are serious about your shape-up goals.

2. How close is the gym to your home? If the gym is way out of the way, chances are you wont make it a priority and you will continually find reasons not to go. Look for a gym that’s in walking distance.

3. Can you try before you join? Ask for a weeks pass to try out the gym first before you jump into a membership contract. Check out the equipment and classes to see if they meet your needs.

4. How long has the gym been in business? A recent change in name or ownership may be a sign of slow business and you don’t want to join a gym just as it hangs a “Closed” sign on the door.

5. What will my money buy me? Always ask what the membership fee is and what is included in that price. Are there lots of extra add ons for towels, locker, pool usage, etc…

6. What kind of deal can they give you? Don’t be afraid to negotiate. Clubs have monthly membership goals, and the two slowest timesĀ  of the year for the business are August and December. Take advantage of those months and work out a deal.

7. Who will be training me? Inquire about the qualifications of the personal trainers on staff and how many complimentary personal-training sessions you will receive.

8. Whats the group fitness program like? If group classess motivate you, make sure and find out what classes they offer.

9. Will you have to wait for your favorite machine? When you have only a limited time to work out, you don’t want to be spending 20 minutes or more waiting for a machine.

10. Can I shape up without a gym membership? Well of course you can but is the gym what you need to get you going?

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