10 Shopping Tips to Help you Save Big

1. Keep checking the ads after you buy. Sometimes the item you bought ends up going on sale in the next week or two and you can take your reciept in(at most’s store) and get a refund for the difference. Also you can keep track of dropping prices by using a site like PriceProtectr.com that can track prices for you.

2. Try it on, then go online. Try clothes on at the store and then look for them online to go on clearance. Trying them on helps you know the exact size that you need. Keep checking online until the item goes on clearnace.

3. Always Check the Return Policy. When buying online, make sure and know before you buy what cost you will have to pay to return the item you bought if you are not satisfied. Sometimes the price to return ends up being more than you paid for the item.

4. Get Softeware for Less. If you have a student in the house you qualify for the student edition of many software packages. Like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. Check out AcademicSuperstore.com.

5. Alway Check Receipts. Many times stores prices are wrong or coupons don’t end up coming up right. Make sure and check your receipt before you leave the store. Its best to try to follow along, if you can, when the clerk is ringing you up.

6. Find a Grocery Store that Price Matches. Finding a store that honors all competetors coupons makes for an easy one stop shopping experience, saving you gas and time. MyGroceryDeals.com lists sale items at supermarkets in your area.

7. Check Ebay First. Most of the time you can save 50% or more off retail.

8. Don’t Shop when you are Exhausted. If you try to shop when you are tired you will most likely not pay attention to the deals and just try to get the job done. Its better to wait for a day when you have more energy and care about saving money.

9. Print Coupons before You head out. Most stores have some sort of coupon out there. If you know where you are going check online before you go for any coupons. Also when you get to the mall or outlet, ask the customer service rep if they have any coupons.

10. Put Sale Items on Hold. If you know a store is going to have a sale, try shopping the night before, when there are no crowds and ask the salesperson to put the items on hold until the sale starts.

These are just some of the tips from the Shop Smart January 2009 Issue “Shopping Secrets that can save you hundreds.” For the complete article click here.

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