10 Solutions For A Bad Hair Cut

Oops You did it again, you cut your own hair. Now this can work if you are a professional and cut hair for a living but even then you can’t always get the right angle. But for those that have not been skilled in the ways of the scissors, you should never attempt a home haircut.

So what do you do when you have stepped over the line and cut the hair on your head?

1.  Go hat shopping. This is not only a fashion statement but a great cover up.
2.  Go Punk! Gel your hair into a new design, no one will know what you did.
3.  Wear a headband. Put the thick headband part over the short hair to cover.
4.  Wear a paper bag over your head and hope no one notices.
5.  Wear a wig. It sounds over the top but a nice wig for a few months can do the trick.
6.  Go 60’s and wear a scarf, now talk about sexy.
7.  Accessorize with some pretty hair clips.
8.  Grow a beard or wear big earrings. It will avert the attention away from your hideous hair cut.
9.  Run to the salon or barbershop for a fix.
10.  And if all else fails don’t look in the mirror.

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