10 Things to Do While Waiting at the Airport

With Thanksgiving this week, a lot of people will be hanging out at the airport, waiting for their planes. And with the amount of people that will be there they will ask you to arrive at least 2 hours early if not earlier. So what do you do after you have checked in and have all this time on your hands?

Here are 10 suggestions:

1. Eat! The airports are full of great restaurants. Try something new and enjoy relaxing before the flight. And a full belly might even help you sleep on the plane.

2. Read! Bring a good book and find a corner to sit and read, you could finish a book in the time you wait for the plane.

3. Play Cards! If you have someone traveling with you, play a game of cards. If you are alone, you can always ask another person that is alone to play a game with you.

4. Watch a movie! Most airports now let you rent a movie for the day. You can even drop it off at the next airport if you didn’t finish it.

5. Find a hot spot! Some airports offer free wi-fi. Check out Ebay or play an online game, you got time, do a little surfing! Check out the wi fi free spot.

6. Write a Note! Thank you’s are always something that seem to be on my to-do list. Bring along some note cards and write your thank yous. If you don’t have thank yous to write, just write some notes to your favorite people. A hand written note means a lot these days!

7. Knit or Crochet! Knitting and crocheting are great ways to keep you busy while waiting for your plane. Especially if you have some Christmas gifts to finish up. You can whip through some scarves in no time flat. Free Patterns click here.

8. Grab a drink! There is no shortage of places to get drinks at the airport. Grab a drink and watch a game. Just drink responsibly because too much and you will miss your flight all together and thats not the point!

9. Browse the stores! If you are visiting friends and family, you can bring them a gift from the city you are from, check out the stores for some great gift ideas and for helpful airplane tools.

10. Take a Nap! If nothing else suits your fancy, take a snooze.

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