10 Uses For Old Silverware

Do you have mismatched pieces of silverware sitting around that you don’t know what to do with? Well here are some useful and fun ways to use them:

1. Throw some spoons in with the sand buckets, they make great sand shovels for little hands.

2. Bend them into napkin rings. Use a large dowel to bend the fork or spoon around and use a hammer if needed. TIP: Make sure and always cover the silverware with a towel before hammering!

3. Make drawer pulls.

4. Make a wind chime! Check out the Wind Chime How To at eHow.com.

5. Stick an old fork in your gardening supply bucket. It makes a great weed-puller.

6. Make some stylish jewelry! Click here for instructions.

7. Turn old forks into place card holders or photo holders. Bend the outer tines forward and the center tines backward. Place a name card on the outer two tines. For photos click here.

8. Make coat hooks! Check out the instructions at Planet Green.

9. Make a key chain.

10. Make a money clip.

TIP : Christmas is coming and some of these are easy projects and great gift ideas.

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