10 Different Ways to Make People Happy

Often we go through life just living, making ourselves happy and not thinking about what would make other people happy. Now I know that if you have a spouse, most likely your not thinking of yourself only but your thinking of them too. And if you add children to that mixture, then you probably don’t have a lot of extra time on your hands. But any way you look at it, thinking of others and making someone else happy is a good thing! You will be surprised at the Joy you will receive from your outward actions and amazed at how little time it actually takes to make someone happy.

1. Smile – You would be amazed at how far a smile goes.

2. Write a letter to a long lost friend.

3. Give someone a compliment.

4. Call up someone who’s lonely and invite them to do something with you.

5. When engaging someone in a conversation, ask them questions about themselves, let them feel free to talk about themselves and really listen.

6. Talk to someone you don’t know when passing them by on the street or in the store. Make sure and smile.

7. When baking, make extras and take them to the neighbors.

8. Anonymously take care of a need for a friend.

9. Babysit for a friend who’s not able to get out much.

10. Bring home flowers to your wife, even if you picked them out of the neighbors yard!

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