10 Ways to Save BIG During the Holidays

1. Make a Budget! Think about how much money you want to spend on each person on your list and stick to it.

2. Do It Yourself! Consider making your own Christmas gifts. At Sew Mama Sew! she has the Ultimate Handmade Holidays Master List with ideas for everyone on your list.

3. Do Some Surfing! Surf the web for the best deals and check out NexTag.com for comparison shopping at its best.

4. Buy in Bulk! Plan ahead by purchasing a case (12 bottles) of an interesting wine, or bulk coffee. Buy a large quantity of mixed nuts and wrap small amounts in cellophane. There a multitude of options when it comes to buying in bulk.

5. Make Your Own Wrapping Paper! Use brown paper bags, craft paper, or newspaper to create one of a kind wrapping paper. Over at greenglancy.com they have great ways to use those things commonly found all over your house to wrap your gifts in.

6. Ship Packages by Ground! Make sure and mark your calendar for the latest possible day to send out any packages within the time frame to ship them by ground. Upgrading to air will double the cost.

7.  Tree Skirt! Instead of buying a fancy tree skirt that can go upwards of $100+, try using a table cloth or a large piece of fabric that you can wrap around the base of the tree.

8. Send Email Christmas Greetings! Save BIG by by sending out an email Christmas card. Stamps, cards, envelopes and photos all add up to a lot of dough!

9. Say Hello! When calling those friends you only talk to once a year or your out of town relatives, make sure and use your cell phone and not the land line. Try to call at the times when your cell phone plan lets you talk for free.

10. Pay With Cash! You know the old saying “Its harder to spend cash than to use a credit card”. Pay with cash and when the cash is gone the shopping is done.

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