15 Simple Ways to Say I LOVE YOU

Valentines Day is only 23 days away! Have you thought about how you want to show your love to your special valentine?

Here are 15 ways to say I Love You!

1. Make them breakfast in bed – You may have to get up early to achieve this one, but aren’t they are worth it. And don’t forget to clean up after yourself.

2. Make your own Valentines Day card – Check out this unique valentine from Martha Stewart. Hand made means so much more.

3. Write a little love note on the bathroom mirror in your favorite lip stick or eye liner.

4. Leave a love note in their lunch or briefcase.

5. Write them a love poem and leave it where only they can find it.

6. Give them flowers – They don’t have to be expensive or even real. Check out Creature Comforts for a Pretty Paper Flowers Tutorial.

7. Give them some Love couponsLinks 2 Love have some free printable Love Coupons.

8. Brag to your friends about your lover.

9. Surprise them with a night out, and a babysitter all lined up and ready to go when they get home from work.

10. Listen to them and Encourage their dreams.

11. Take a day off work to spend with the one you love.

12. Take interest in the things they love – Ask questions, try it, sincerely listen.

13. Share some conversation hearts with your sweet heart.

14. Work out together – Feel good endorphins generate closeness and promote healthy living.

15. Slip a Hershey’s Kiss and a Hershey’s Hug in their coat pocket.

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