25 Budget Christmas Gifts-#1 Recycled Lovelies

This past weekend I had my first experience at the Goodwill outlet in our local area. The Goodwill store, affectionately termed “crap by the pound” by my colleague, was something that I have always heard of but never personally experienced. But my wife and I have decided to try and save money and do a lot of budget Christmas gifts this Christmas. During the upcoming months, I will lay out 25 budget ideas to give as gifts for Christmas.

The first is an idea that Deanna, another author on this blog, had the idea of doing; buying clothes and fabric at Goodwill and reusing/recycling those clothes to create other types of clothes that can then be given as Christmas gifts. My wife caught on to this idea and is getting lessons from Deanna on making aprons, purses, and even sandals. You can read more about Deanna’s craft at Recycled Lovelies.

Our experience at Goodwill was a little traumatic at first, there were so many people and the bins were lined with clothes that had neither been washed or processed. But as we dove in (quite literally) with our arms and hands we began to find all kinds of jewels that my wife will be able to use for fabric in making her Christmas creations.

When it was all said and done, we walked away with 16 pounds of clothes for $20! She will be able to make tons of aprons, skirts, purses and other things to give as gifts for such a cheap price, and it will be a great hobby for her during the winter months!

“25 Budget Christmas Gifts” will be a tool you can use as you prepare for the joy of giving gifts of Christmas. If you have ideas or projects that others might benefit from, feel free to leave comments and post your ideas below!

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