28 New Uses for Everyday Things

In the January Issue of Real Simple they had a list of 28 uses for everyday items. I found the uses of these everyday things to be very helpful so I thought I would pass them along to you.

Rubber Bands (1-4)

  • Open Jars with ease. Wrapping a rubber band around the lid will give you a better grip.
  • Decorate Easter Eggs. Arrange rubber bands in a pattern around hard boiled eggs, then dip them into dye. Remove the bands when eggs are dry.
  • Bring order to your dishwasher. Tether stemware and other wobbly items to the rack.
  • Wrap a gift. Use multiple colored rubber bands instead of ribbon to add a modern flair to a small present.

Toothpicks (5-9)

  • Label meat. Identify just-off-the-grill meat with different colored toothpicks, rare, medium or well-done.
  • Find the end of the roll. When you have finished using tape, wrap the end around a toothpick so you can easily locate it next time.
  • Glue beads and sequins. Use the sharp ends to apply teensy items to a craft project.
  • Sew a better button. Place a toothpick between the button and the fabric so it doesn’t go on too tightly and end up tough to fasten.
  • Press a gadget’s reset button. What fits perfectly into that tiny hole? You guessed it.

Salt (10-13)

  • Clean up a cracked egg. Cover the mess with a handful of salt, then wipe up with ease.
  • Dust a wreath. Place a wreath of pinecones or faux evergreen in a paper bag with a 1/4 cup of salt. Fold the top of the bag over and gently shake.
  • Remove tea stains. Sprinkle salt on a lemon peel, then rub it on a tea-stained cup.
  • Shine brass and copper. Make a paste of a few tablespoons of white vinegar with equal parts salt and flour. Apply with a soft cloth, rinse and dry.

Post-it Note (14-18)

  • Clean a keyboard. Run the sticky side between keys to collect crumbs and bits of lint.
  • Navigate the roads. Write directions on a note and stick it to the center of your steering wheel for quick reference.
  • Mark Containers. Cut off the sticky zone and use it as an ersatz label for travel bottles so you don’t confuse your facial cleanser with your hair gel.
  • File away. Divide a pile of paper into sections using Post-it Notes as you would folder tabs.
  • Play tic-tac-toe. Use a sheet for each X and O. Peel them up and play again until they lose their stickiness.

Felt Circles (19-23)

  • Secure slinky garments. Stick a felt circle onto each arm of a hanger to keep clothes from sliding off.
  • Anchor a cutting board. Place a circle under each corner of the board so it stays put while you slice and dice.
  • Prevent tabletop scratches. Attach a circle to the bottom of a vase so it doesn’t scuff surfaces.
  • Keep your kitchen quiet. Hush a banging cabinet door by sticking a circle on a corner on the inside of the door.
  • Protect the walls. Position felt on each corner of a picture frame so the edges won’t mark the paintwork.

Clear Nail Polish (24-28)

  • Keep an eyeglass screw in place. If your specs are a bit wobbly, tighten the screws and top them with a dollop of polish.
  • Secure buttons. Apply a thin layer of polish to the center of a button to keep the thread from coming loose.
  • Avoid rust stains in the bathroom. Coat the bottom of the shaving-cream can to fend off rings on the ledge of the tub.
  • Seal an envelope. When a flap wont stay stuck, find closure with clear polish.
  • Extend the life of jewelry. Paint a thin coat onto a costume bauble to prevent it from losing its luster.

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