4 Beauty Problems Solved on the Cheap

630548_81374301Women and even some men seem to always be looking for cheaper ways to take care of those beauty issues we face everyday. And especially these days with the hard economic times pushing in from every side. Here are some helpful ways to solve those beauty issues on the cheap.

1. How to shrink pores: You cant reduce them for good, but one inexpensive way to make yours less visible is a clay mask. You can buy a clay mask from the store for about $4 but using what you already have at home works just as well. Leave egg whites on your skin for 10 minutes, or swipe on witch hazel after you clean your skin.

2. How to fight the frizz: Dark beer poured on just-washed hair, rinsed after two minutes and followed by a conditioner works wonders. Weekly coconut-oil scalp massage keeps hair silky-smooth too. And for a midday touch up, dab on a drop of hand cream onto frizzy spots.

3. How to soften up all over: For elbows, rest your elbows in grapefruit halves for five minutes; the citric acid exfoliates. For your heels, dry and rub in extra-virgin olive oil.

4. How to stop breakouts: Dermatoligists recommend after washing your face to put on a 2% salicylic acid lotion from the drugstore. Or dissolve an asprin (salicylic acid in solid form) tablet in a bit of water to form a paste, apply to the breakout and rinse after 3 minutes. Another tip: always dry your face with a seperate towel than the one you bath with, which may have bacteria or oily hair conditioner residue on it.

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