4 Tips for Beating the Winter Blahs

Over at MSN‘s Health & Fitness section, Lisa Farino wrote an article on Beating the Winter Blahs. She has practical ways to to help you beat those winter blahs.

If you find your energy slumps in winter – while your carb and sugar cravings spike – you’re certainly not alone. Use these simple tips to put a spring in your step and kiss the winter blahs goodbye.

Limit Caffeine – Caffeine provides a tempting solution for seasonal energy slumps. But over reliance on caffeine can create more problems that it solves.

Exercise Outside – Exercising in the morning sunlight will boost your energy and mood and can help lift that morning fog that plagues many of us in the winter months.

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet – Be careful about relying on sugar and carbohydrates to deal with low energy. Such diets can lead to dramatic swings in energy level. They’re also a likely cause of winter weight gain.

Maintain a Consistent Wake-up Time – Although winter weekends seem like the perfect time for sleeping in, many experts say this habit is counterprodutive. Sleeping in on days off allows the internal clock to drift later, forcing a correction on Monday morning. For some people, these repeated weekly jet lags can trigger major mood shifts that might take several days to clear up.

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