4 Ways to Shop Smarter On-line

1. Get Rewards for Shopping – Are you missing out on e-tailor reward programs? Check out whether sites offer rewards before you shop. Best Buy gives you a $5 off coupon for every $250 you spend. 1-800-Flowers issues a $20 coupon for every $200 spent. Also see if your favorite store is listed on Ebates.com. They reward you for shopping at participating stores such as Barnes & Noble or Ann Taylor. How it works is you rack up points for every dollar you spend and you can redeem them for cash. Right now they are offering a special bonus $10 gift card just for signing up.

2. Free Goodies – At Slickdeals.net you go through the Forums section to the Freebies section and you will find different freebies listed and users post tips on how they got them. This site offers more than just freebies, they have great coupons and great deals.

3. Protect Yourself from Store Bankruptcies – With so many stores running into financial troubles its smart to take precautions when you’re shopping. Always pay by credit card, especially if you’re leaving a deposit; if there’s a problem with an item purchased, you’ll probably have more recourse than if you paid with cash or debit card. Make sure and use up your gift cards if you suspect a store is in financial trouble.

4. Charge to the Right Credit Card – If you’re putting all your purchases on a credit card to rack up airline miles but you don’t travel much, you may be better off putting your purchases on a card that offers cash back. Discover More or American Express Blue Cash tend to be more generous with their rewards.

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