5 Book Sites You Need to Check Out

To get the best prices and find the books you need, you may automatically think of Amazon and that wouldn’t be entirely wrong, but I found some other amazing book sites that are often overlooked. Check out these sites for great deals and even some freebies.

1. Gutenberg.org – They offer Free downloads of over 100,000 titles. You can search by Author or Title Words. They also have a way for you to give back by volunteering, proofreading, cataloging, and more.

2. Booksamillion.com – They have thousands of bargain books to choose from.

3. Dearreader.com – This is a great place to join a Free book club and receive 5 minute samplings of a different book each week in your email. Your sure to get hooked on a great book.

4. Powells.com – This is a great site for Browsing. They have an amazing amount of interesting books. They offer out of print books and you can even sell them your old books on-line. If you are ever in the Portland, Oregon area stop by and visit one of the 4 amazing stores.

5. Textbooks.com – For all your textbook needs, check out this site. They offer over 7 million new and used textbooks.

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