5 Everyday Tricks and Tips for Everyday Life

So many of the items we toss in the garbage bin everyday could be used in ways in which they were not intended. Check out these tips and tricks to using household items in new way.

1. When you are done with a tube of mascara, wash the wand with some soap and warm water and it turns into a cleaning tool. Spray it with a little all-purpose cleaner, unplug your keyboard and run the wand between the keys. It lifts dirt and crumbs easily.

2. Did you know that newspaper is an odor eater? Use newspaper to absorb odors as well as germs. Hang a page of newspaper in your closet, refrigerator, and under your stinky shoes and everything will smell fresher.

3. When you cant seem to find the match to a sock, don’t toss it, use those lonesome socks to protect furniture legs when moving furniture.

4. Don’t throw out a perfectly good shirt because it has ring-around-the-collar, mark ring-around-the-collar stains heavily with chalk before washing. The dust helps absorb the oils, making the stain easier to clean.

5. When the soap gets down to a small sliver, you usually throw it away, but try this, put it in your toolbox and use the slivers to lubricate screws or drawers that are sticking.

Check out Lifehack for a bunch more Tips and Tricks on cleaning.

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