5 Things To Do When You’re Snowed In

It’s definitely winter here in our part of the woods. We’ve had snow for the last week and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. Combine some ice and freezing rain and we’ve been stuck inside our home for the last few days. I’d be lying if I said we weren’t getting a little stir crazy! Stressed out about weather, travel, buying chains, scrapping off ice, incessant boredom, etc. is something that a lot of people face during the holidays.

Isn’t it ironic that during one of the most ‘happiest seasons of all’ there can be so much frustration at airports and on highways? Is it simply a state of mind or do external forces control moods and anxiety levels?

Its probably a little bit of both, but since we’re not going anywhere, here are 5 things you could do to lighten the holiday mood and make the most out of the rough weather:

1. Count the snowflakes: Sure to bring hours of entertainment and promote keen eye sight as well as help your kids with math. Make sure to differentiate between snow, hail, sleet, freezing rain, ice or just rain. Check out the National Snow and Ice Data Center for frequently asked snow questions.

2. Clean your entire house, two or three times: Take the extra opportunity inside to deep clean your house. A great holiday tradition, scrubbing toilets and sinks can bring your family a tremendous amount of holiday joy!

3. Play every board game in your house until you’re bored yourself: As fun as chess and parcheesi can be, they have their limits.

4. Keep an eye out for Santa Claus: He may have to get an early start this year with all of the traffic delays and weather cancellations. Check out KGW for traffic and flight delays in Oregon.

5. Eat all the food in your house!: Since you’re sitting around with nothing to do, why not eat? Its what I do! Hours of entertainment with lots of rewards! Extra pounds to keep you warm during the crazy weather.

Let us know if you’ve got some ideas…because we’re running out of things to do!

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