6 Tips On Taking People Pictures

With the inventions of digital cameras and network interfaces like Facebook and MySpace, taking pictures has become a HUGE past time. It seems like everything I do, whether its hanging out with friends, going to a big get together, or even just at a restaurant or school, people are snapping pictures left and right. Professional photographers are having a hard time staying in business because people are taking more personal photos then ever before. But are they GREAT photos? Does it really matter?

If you are someone like me who is tired of trying to capture a great smile or a perfect moment, but instead wind up with an awkward blur or a shot that is unbalanced, here are a few tips on making your pictures of people memorable and lasting:

Use natural light-Cloudy days can be the best time to take pictures, because people won’t have to squint there eyes to keep them open.

Take Candid photos-Don’t feel like you have to make people look at the camera all the time for a great shot. Try to blend into the background so that you’re barely noticeable and shoot them doing something natural. You are more likely to capture who they really are when you let them be themselves.

Get close-Closeups are great way to capture facial features like eyes or a great smile. Try taking close ups at an angle and get cool effects.

Get in!-Use a time feature on the camera so that you can be a part of your pictures. Don’t just take pictures of a great trip or important day, live it and be a part of the experience yourself.

Vertical/Horizontal-When taking pictures of one person, hold the camera vertical, with more than one person, go horizontal for a better effect.

Get Level-Take the picture on the same level with your subject. This will provide an accurate perspective when viewing the portrait and make the focus of the picture the person, rather than the angle.

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