5 Tips to Help You Save on School Supplies

854122_618421301. Do some home shopping. Before heading to the store to buy whats on the school list, check what you already have at home. Don’t be afraid to reuse last years supplies if they are still in good condition.

2. Take advantage of Tax-Free weekends. Thirteen states and the District of Columbia offer this shopping perk: During one weekend in August, back-to-school items, like backpacks and footwear, are tax-free.

3. Comparison shop. Check out the sales at different stores to see who is offering the best deals. If you can find a store that price matches, you wont have to burn up extra gas to get the good deals that each store offers.

4. Buy a backpack with a warranty. Book bags take a beating, so buy your child’s backpack from a reputable company, such as LL Bean, REI or the North Face, that guarantees its merchandise. If a zipper breaks, the company will replace the backpack at no charge or it may give you your money back.

5. Only buy what you need. Once you’re in the store, all those fun extras can be tempting, especially for the younger ones, stick to your list and leave the store with only the items you need.

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