5 Ways to Enjoy Spring Break on a Budget

Spring Break starts next week and as some already have plans, many don’t because they couldn’t afford to shell out the money to go on vacation. In these tough economic times its seems all have to cut back. There still is plenty of things you can do to enjoy the week of spring break and not spend a lot of money.

1. Take a Trip to Visit Family: If you live with a few hours of family, or close friends, take a trip to visit them. Keeping the cost down my staying with them in their house.

2. Be a Tourist in Your Own Town: Most of us drive by some of the best museums, libraries, and attractions that people from out of town come to see and we usually  have never ever visited them. Take your city by storm and enjoy the many wonderful touristy things it has to offer. A lot of museums and historical sites are free or have a minimal fee. Visit usa.gov and select your state for fun places to visit and outdoor activities.

3. Volunteer: This is great for children and adults alike. Show them how others live by taking them to shelters or soup kitchens to help those less fortunate. Check in your local area for opportunities.

4. Get Outside: Now depending on where you live this may not be the easiest of most fun way to spend spring break but if the weather is conducive to spending time outside than take advantage of it and enjoy a hike, or a walk on the beach. Take a trip to a near by park, throw a Frisbee, pack a picnic and just enjoy being outside.

5. Stay Home & Relax: Why go anywhere? Sometimes all we need is a nice long week of relaxation. Just enjoying being together as a family with games, movies and some homemade cooking, is all it can take to make a great week.

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