6 Easy Organizing Tips

759509_35836084Organizing your life can be a bit difficult at times. Anything that gets your stuff in the right spot and easily keeps them in the right spot is helpful. Below are some unusual and easy organizing tips to make your life a bit easier.

  1. The 3 Things Pick-Up – Pick up three things in a room that belong somewhere else and go put them away. When you have put the last thing away, look for three more. Little by little, the clutter disappears.
  2. Charity Trunk Bag/Box – When you run across shoes, or clothes that you no longer wear or toys your children have outgrown, take them straight to the car and put it in the bag. When the bag fills up, drop it off at the nearest donation site.
  3. Dry-Erase Calendar – Give each family member a different color marker so everyone can see at a glance who needs to be where.
  4. Recycle Mail – After you pick up your mail, walk straight to the recycle bin. Don’t drop your mail off on your counter or set it down on the car seat, go through it on the spot.
  5. Shoe Holder Organizer – Hang a shoe holder organizer over a door to store cell phones, batteries, digital cameras MP3 players and the like. Simply label each pocket.
  6. Never Run Out of Food Again – Designate a space for your grocery list in your kitchen, the refrigerator works best, and when you run out of an ingredient, write it down immediately.
  7. Recipes in One Place – If you tend to tear out magazines from magazines, use a three ring binder with clear plastic inserts to keep the recipes free of splatters and dividers to separate appetizers, main courses, side dishes, and desserts.

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