6 Money-Saving Cooking Quick Tips

Everyone is strapped for money right now, making it feel like boxed meals are the only dinner meals you can afford, but this is not true and not very healthy for you. Add some of these cooking tips to your repertoire and start saving money while still eating healthy and delicious food.

1. Crock Pot Cooking – Not having enough time is the number one reason families don’t eat at home or cook meals at home. Having dinner ready when you come home from work is always a plus, and the smell of dinner throughout the house is so welcoming.

2. Stock Up – Load up when there is a sale on long-lasting or frequently used items. If you have storage space or an extra freezer, use it.

3. Bake it Yourself – Learn to bake a signature dessert, whether its an amazing batch of brownies or a simple apple crisp. Making dessert yourself may take a bit of time but the savings is considerable.

4. Try Comfort Foods – Fall is the perfect time to bring back some of the old favorite comfort foods that feed dozens on a dime. Meatloaf, Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, and Chili are all affordable meals.

5. Make Meat do Double Duty – Always buy and cook extra meat and poultry so you have leftovers for burritos, soup, pasta, etc.

6. Keep Eggs Handy – You don’t have to have meat for dinner, eggs are a great source of protein. Whip up an omelet, frittata or quiche for dinner, using left over veggies and cheese for the fillings.

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