6 Ways to Bring Creativity Back into Your Life

Often times we think of creativity as a blessing awarded to those who call themselves artists. Observed and encouraged in most children, creativity seems to disappear when young ones become responsible adults. Where did it go? Why did we let it go? If you look at your life and what you do daily, you will most likely see that we could add creativity in the things you do daily, we just don’t.

Here are some ways to bring that creativity back into our lives:

1.) Make a date with yourself once a week to do something fun and indulgent.

2.) Start a journal or a blog and write in it each day, telling the wonderful story that is your life.

3.) Look for inspiration in your everyday life; things are happening all around you.

4.) Check out what classes are offered at your local community college and take something that sounds fun.

5.) Get inspired and try something new in creative form; Dancing, writing, drawing, painting, photography, cooking, or wood working.

6.) Make a collage of images and words that reflect who you are and who you want to be. Look at this each day to remind yourself of your passions.

We sometimes go through life just making it day to day. We have so much to offer this world and by just making some changes to our everyday lives, we can become creative in even the mundane daily activities. While making dinner, spice it up! Try things you have never tried and see what goes with what, you will be surprised at how much fun this can be. While mending your child’s clothes, add some fun piece of material or ribbon, instead of the regular iron on. Be creative and have fun. Instead of buying all your gifts for birthdays and holidays, make something. The possibilities are endless. In time you will find that you enjoy life so much more! Bring Creativity Back into Your Life!

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