6 Ways to Get That Song Out of Your Head

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head(aka earworm) all day and even sometimes upon waking up the next morning, it’s still in your head? If you have ever wondered how to get that song(good or bad), out of your head, I have some help for you.

Here are 6 ways to get that song out of your head:

  1. Very consciously, turn the song down to a whisper volume in your head. If it gets louder again, keep turning it down.
  2. Another trick to get a song out of your head is to go someplace where you can sing or listen to the entire song at full volume. We often only have a part of the song stuck in our head. Singing the entire song releases the brain from the repetition, and it works better than simply listening.
  3. Play a CD out loud that has international music on it while doing math facts.
  4. Try a jog around the block, push-ups or pull-ups, or a few minutes of dancing to your internal song.
  5. Concentrate your thoughts on something else. Try a riddle, mental math, or reciting a poem.
  6. Go someplace no one will hear and shout out loud. If such a place is unavailable, just talk to someone.

And if none of those work, listen to this song and this will be the new song stuck in your head!

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