Budget Christmas Idea: Reinventing the Twelve Days of Christmas

Ever wondered how much the 12 days of Christmas would cost your true love to give to you? According to CNN the price of the 12 days of Christmas has gone up 6.1% in this year due to gas prices, gold prices and the bird flu and would now total $18,348.87. They have an interesting article and table on the site documenting the cost of those 12 wonderful days.

But in case you’d rather buy a car then spend $18,000 on giving your true love gifts, are there some creative ideas you can do for the twelve days of Christmas? Here’s a list of the twelve days and fun ideas you can do for your loved one:

A Partridge In A Pear Tree: Take a cutout of a bird and a cutout of a tree and tape it to a can of pears

Two Turtle Doves: Buy plastic turtles and put wings on them

Three French Hens: Take Three Eggs and draw a french mustache on them

Four Calling Birds: Give cheap bird whistlers

Five Golden Rings: Share a recipe for deep-fried onion (golden) rings

Six Geese-a-laying: wooden bird cutouts and lay them down next to each other

Seven Swan’s-a-swimming: Paint seven rubber duckies white

Eight Maids-a-milking: No clue on this one, you’re on your own.

Nine Ladies Dancing: Plastic ballerinas could be good for this one

Ten Lords-a-leaping: Plastic parachuting army men

Eleven Pipers Piping: Take a picture with you and your friends with pipes

Twelve Drummers Drumming: Give a ‘Drumline’ movie poster

Hopefully these ideas could spark your imagination. Have fun with it, go cheap and make it a memorable Christmas for someone you love.

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