7 Things to Do in a Recession

1086489_952683891. On average a person pays $3 -$4 on a Starbucks drink a day. Save yourself a bundle and brew your own coffee at home. Buying a lb of good beans costs on average about $10. You can even try the cheaper versions that they sell at grocery stores and save even more.

2. Want to see a movie and only the big screen will do, check around your city or nearby city for a cheap theater. In my town we have a theater that only costs $3.00 and every month they have BOGO coupons in the local newspaper making a trip to the movies only $3.00 for two of you.

3. Love going out to dinner but don’t love the cost of going out? Try a romantic evening at Taco Bell or Wendy’s, both have great menu items under or near $1.00. Not romantic enough for you? You can always bring your own romantic paraphernalia, like a candle or a vase with a rose.

4. Wanting to take the kids to a Disney Theme park this summer but your finances wont allow for it? Try checking out your local amusement park, chances are for a family of four for the day you will spend around $100. If that seems to steep, check on the Internet for coupon deals. Momsview.com has a list of Six Flags coupons.

5. Tired of paying high heating bills? Why not turn your heater down and start snuggling with the one you love. If that doesn’t work, why not try The Snuggie. Yes I am talking about the blanket with sleeves. Its a great way to stay warm on a cold day. If that’s not attractive, build a fire and warm up the house that way.

6. Stop visiting the mall. If you stay away from the mall you wont be tempted to buy something you dont need. If you need clothes, check out your local consignment shop instead of hitting the mall. And try to stick to buying only what you need.

7. Switch to using items you have around the house to clean. Use the mop and bucket instead of the swiffer. Use old rags to dust with and check out housekeeping.about.com for homemade natural cleaning products.

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