7 Tips to Help Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

groceriesSaving Money – That’s the name of the game. If you can cut your grocery bill in half, then you will be on the way to saving a lot of money.

Here are some helpful tips to save you money on our next shopping trip:

1. Stop buying plastic wrap, tin foil, and sandwich bags – For everything you would need those items for, their are re-usable (ec0-friendly) alternatives like tupperware or fabric bags that keep your sandwiches fresh.

2. Use Coupons – Over at Twin Mama Loves she posted about How to build your stash of coupons. Online you can find a ton of great coupon sites to help you find the coupons you need.

3. Grow your own – Even if you live in a small apartment you can grow a garden with a sufficient amount of food to help cut your grocery bill.  Oh My Apartment has some helpful tips for starting an Apartment Garden. And if you live in a house, you have many choices on where and how much to grow.

4. Don’t shop when you are hungry – This is probably the most important tip. If you shop when you are hungry you end up buying things you don’t need, so to counteract those impulse buys, grocery shop after a meal.

5. Always eat your leftovers – Try making extras so that you have left overs for another meal in the week, saving you time and eating out. Try not to let your left overs get thrown away – this is a big money saver, using what you have and not wasting.

6. Make food from scratch – This may take more time but the amount of money you save by cooking from scratch is well worth it and if that doesn’t get you, the taste alone should.

7. Check the store ads before you go – Before you go on a big shopping trip check out the ads to see where you will save the most money on the things you need.

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