7 Ways to Re-use those Old Campaign Signs

The election is over and signs have polluted our yards long enough! But what can be done with all those signs? Here are 10 ways to reuse those old campaign signs:

1. Make a Birdhouse! Over at Apartment Therapy they show how to turn those old campaign signs into birdhouses. Instructions from Les Fourmis’.

2. Recycle them! Check with your local recyclers for drop off sites.

3. Use as a Sled! Check out this little guy on his old yard campaign sign sled.

4. Make a Chair! Over at Instructables.com they have a tutorial called Cardboard Chairs 101.

5. Paint them white and use them as Garage Sale/Yard Sale signs.

6. Cover the stairs. Swamplot shows how one home owner used old signage to cover the stairs until they could be finished.

7. Give them to Charity. Last Chance Forever would love to have those old signs for dozens of uses at their rehabilitation center. The bigger the signs, the better.

Do you have other ideas? Please share them with me!

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