7 Ways to Save on Valentines Day

Most people think “Debt” when they think Valentines Day; flowers, chocolates, dinner out, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the economy how it is today, we can’t afford to do the things we used to. Lets explore some ways you can celebrate Valentines Day with little or no expense.

1. Cards – First off, I have posted in the recent past about homemade valentines cards, it doesn’t take much, some paper and a few hearts and that”s it. If a store bought card is a must, try Hallmarks .99 cent cards. They offer a great variety.

2. Flowers – If you must you can buy some flowers but check the local farmers markets or grocery store, you can find beautiful flowers for around $10 instead of spending $40-50 on roses. If you want to get crafty, you can design your own flowers out of tissue paper or card stock. Stampndaly.com and Flying-Pig.co.uk both have some examples of paper flowers.

3. Chocolates – You don’t have to buy a huge box of chocolates, and your receiver may thank you for not buying a huge box, especially if they are on a diet. Try buying a box of four truffles or even one very pretty one. This will keep your cost down. If you are a baker, than making your own special Valentines gift would be appreciated more than any you could buy.

4. Dinner out – Instead of the restaurants with $$$ dollar signs, try a quaint little diner or out of the way cafe to share with your loved one. You will be amazed at the cute little hole in the walls with great food that are out there when you start looking for them. Some are very romantic and the money you save will help keep your mind on your date and not the amount of money you are spending.

5. Movies – Skip the movie and check out the new releases at the redbox, you will only spend .99 cents and if you get it early in the day Saturday you will have a lot to choose from. You can also get online and reserve a movie and pick it up when you are ready. A night in front of the tv with the one you love is better than sitting in a movie theater with a bunch of other people.

6. Dessert – If you are like me, dessert is the best part of any meal. You could skip dinner and just make reservations for dessert. Dessert can end up being a bit expensive so your best bet is to make it at home and you can enjoy it with a glass of wine or while watching a romantic movie together. Joy the baker has some great Valentine recipes.

7. Wine – If at all possible try to Skip it at the restaurant, the price they charge is way more expensive than if you buy a good bottle at the store. Check out the Best Chardonnays under $20 for some guidance.

Try these and see how much you save!

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