8 Alternative Uses for Hand Cream

994556_35150790We all know that hand cream is great for using on our hands, feet and any other body part that needs moisturizing but did you know that you could use it on tools? Or for your hair?

Here are 8 unusual, but helpful alternative ways to use hand cream:

1. Use hand lotion to style hair. place a generous amount into the palm of your hand, then rub into hair. Also can be used to quickly tame fly aways.

2. Use as a base to grease sticky tools.

3. Use to polish your shoes. Apply a dab onto a soft cotton cloth and work the lotion into the leather.

4. Use to remove static electricity. Rub lotion on to your hands and then rub your hands over your blouse or skirt.

5. De-static your pets fur. Using an adequate amount of lotion in the palm of your hands, pet your dog or cat running your hands up and down their backs and their heads.

6. Use for shaving. Rub lotion on your legs to soften them while shaving, when you are finished your legs will feel smooth and moisturized.

7. Use as a mild exfoliator. Mix a small amount of lotion with a teaspoon of sugar, gently scrub, then rinse off.

8. Mix with tanning lotion. It helps it go on evenly with less streaks.

Next time you run out of shoe polish, hair styling products, or static spray, just remember these little tips and you wont need to worry.

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