8 Ways to Save You Time Everyday

Why is it that 24 hours in a day never seems to be enough? From the morning routine, of getting everyone out the door, to the afternoon race home, to get dinner started, it seems we are all pressed for time. What we all need is more time in a day. Just a few small changes can add that much needed extra time to your day, helping you stay organized, relaxed and, most importantly, sane.

Here are a few time saving tips –

1. Look Pretty in Less Time – Get an Ionic Hairdryer, they can cut drying time in half.

2. Stop Searching and Get Going – Keep your keys and cell phone in the same place every day(bowl, dish, plate) by the door, that way you don’t waste time looking for them when you are in a hurry to leave.

3. Morning Dressing Distress – Keep a couple of outfits all together in your closet for those mornings when you don’t know what to wear or don’t have much time for searching your closet.

4. Smooth Moves – Instead of shaving every day, try waxing your legs. You can also try Kalo Hair Inhibitor Lotion to slow hair growth, which means less time in the shower or at the waxing salon.

5. Get Carded – Gift cards are at every grocery store, making them a convenient gift, and not having to travel to each store to get the gift cards is a bonus.

6. Shower Short Cut – Save 10-20 minutes every other day by skipping the daily hair washing. To keep your hair looking fresh try using Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo.

7. Double Duty Driving – To free up more time at home, have the kids do homework in the car on the ride home.

8. Send Cards With a Click – Check out SendOutCards.com, they send real paper cards from your computer. Saving you valuable time, not having to stop by the store and picking up a card. And the price is very reasonable too.

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