8 Ways to Stay Focused at Work

1172246_33091802Staying focused can be very difficult at work. From the co-workers inquiries to the occasional person wandering around, and the noise, these are all things that can take our mind off the task at hand. So how do you stay focused while at work and still maintain the friendly attitude and camaraderie that comes from working together? Below are 10 tips to help you Stay Focused.

1. Plan Your Day: A task list is a very helpful tool to keep you focused. Keeping the list close to you will constantly remind you of what you need to get done that day.

2. Setup Email Filters: Setting up filters in your email client can be a great way of sorting out whats important and urgent from personal stuff which can wait. Dealing with smaller folders categorized by project, priority and context will help cut down on the time spent on emails.

3. Clean Up Your Desk: If you desk is a mess and it takes time find what you need, clean it up. Make sure papers are neatly stacked and that you have a pen and pad next to you for easy access when needed.

4. Close Programs Not in Use: Instead of alt-tabbing constantly and fighting the computer to locate the program you need, try only having the applications you need open. Close everything else.

5. Use Shortcuts on Your Computer: If you find you do the same thing with your computer more than once throughout the day, you might find it helpful to look for ways in which you can do them without too much manual repetition.

6. Set Your IM Status: If you use Instant Messenger, when you don’t want to be disturbed, make use of the status and set yourself away or busy. Your friends and colleagues will honor that. They can always send you an email or IM you later.

7. Listen to the Right Types of Music: Music is a great way of settling into the working routine. In addition, having music on can drown out background office noises. Be careful though, depending on personal preference, some types of music are not particularly conducive to productive work.

8. Figure out the Best Time for Repetitive Tasks: No matter how much you try to avoid it, your going to have to face doing those repetitive boring tasks at some point. Find a point in the day when your brain may need a little break or isn’t at the top of its game to do these tasks.

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