A Real Leader

“You do not lead by hitting people over the head – that’s assault, not leadership.” -Dwight D. Eisenhower

mother-theresaLeadership is one of the most sought after, yet elusive, attributes in life, sports and business. There are different leadership styles, personalities and positions. Leaders hold an important key to the movement and success of whatever it is they have been called to lead.

I think back to the different coaches that I have had in my life, leaders in the game of football, and how they have employed different leadership styles and tactics in order to breed success in their players and team. What I found is this: the most successful leaders, were men and women who inspired within me the desire to be successful. They did so, not be yelling or forcing me into performance, but by modeling and serving those they were in charge of leading.

Some leaders use fear as their motivator, threatening, yelling or attempting to scare employees or players into action. But their yelling turns to noise and their fear turns to dust when they lose the respect of those they are to lead. But those who lead with other’s best interest in the forefront, those leaders that serve the people they are responsible for earn the respect and loyalty of those around them. These types of leaders have people they will actually follow them, not out of fear or coercion, but ought of love and loyalty.

Each of us is a leader in some facet of our lives, whether its in business, sports, family or some other area. I would suggest and challenge each of us to consider how we might serve those we are leading and then watch and see the respect and support that is gained by these selfless service.

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