A White Christmas?

One of our Christmas traditions is to snuggle up next to the fire, grab some hot chocolate and watch one of the greatest Christmas movies ever made: White Christmas. We laugh, we cry, we sing along…it is a Christmas memory that will forever be a part of our holiday tradition.

Having those special holiday traditions are wonderful and meaningful for kids as they are growing up. Going through college and ‘growing up’ I still get excited when thinking about Christmas time and the wonderful events and memories that are made each year.

This year is extremely special, not only because we were out of the country last year during Christmas time, but because we actually have a chance at a White Christmas!!! The snow is falling consistently in our neck of the woods and I can’t wait until next Thursday for the chance at a White Christmas.

But more than that is the nostalgic and warm feeling of knowing I’ll be with family and friends that I love and care about that we can make special memories together as we celebrate. What are some of your Christmas holiday traditions?

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