Appropriate Glassware for Serving Alcoholic Drinks

You wouldn’t go to a pub and receive a beer in a champagne flute nor would you receive wine in a water glass. The correct glass, especially with wine, is very important. Here is a helpful guide to make sure you don’t serve your wine, beer, champagne or any other drink in the wrong glass when entertaining.

Red Wines – Use larger wine glasses for red wines with strong aromas and complex personality.

White Wines – Wine glasses with smaller rim and volume are better for white wines with more delicate aromas; they can better concentrate its aromas and reduce aerating surface area.

Champagne – Champagne should be served in long-stemmed flutes or tulip shaped glasses. These are designed to enhance the flow of bubbles to the crown and to concentrate the aromas of the wine.

Sherry/Port – The traditional port glass is slightly smaller than a standard white wine glass, holding about 5 or 6 ounces. It is best to use a tulip shaped glass with a U-shaped bowl for proper tasting and appreciation of the wine.

Beer –

  • Highly effervescent brews like hefeweizen require a tall glass that flares out at the top. The shape serves two purposes: it allows some of the carbonation to escape, and it allows the aroma to be better enjoyed.
  • Use a snifter (or tulip) glass for fancy barley wines and Belgian ales. The glass is tall and has a small opening, which gives the malt and alcohol to blend.
  • Try a thistle glass when drinking Scottish ales and Belgian ales. These bowed and pilsner-like glasses offer a large head and more subtle aroma.
  • Drink big and malty beers from a goblet glass. The big bowl holds the entire beer. It collects the aromas in the dome of the bowl.
  • Match a British-style pint glass, which bulges at the rim for pale ales, bitter, porters and stouts.

Other Glass Wear –

  • Collin Glasses – Alternately referred to as tumblers, these 14-16 oz tall glasses are the right choice for soft drinks, whiskey sours, bloody marys and any juice-based cocktail such as the cranberry juice and vodka.
  • Highball Glasses – At a slightly smaller 10-12 ounces, highball glasses are used for stronger mixed drinks such as the tequila sunrise, gin and tonic and long island iced tea.
  • Rock Glasses – Also called “old-fashioned”, these small square shaped glasses are used to serve cocktails with a high alcohol content and little else, such as rum and coke,  southern comfort or seven and seven.
  • Shot Glasses – As the name indicates, shot glasses are used for serving shots straight up.
  • Hurricane Glasses – A tall glass with a graceful curve in the center, Hurricane glasses are typically employed to serve their namesake drink, along with daiquiris and margaritas.
  • Martini Glasses – One of the most easily recognizable glasses and the favorite of James Bond devotees worldwide, martini glasses are primarily used to serve…martinis.

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