Back to School Gadgets

Whats on your list? Chances are the kids will come home from the first day of school with many different lists of things they need that weren’t on the original list. Or they will come home with that “I have to have this” speech because they saw their friends all sporting one. Below are some smart products for your school bound kids.

No longer do you have to spend big bucks if a scientific calculator is on your supply list, the Activa AT-30SX offers all the necessary functions in a sleek package for only $16 at

When the kiddie lunch box is no longer cool, check out the Eco-friendly polypropylene containers from They come in eight colors and even have a hand dandy spork.

To get those kids out of bed and to school on time without that annoying alarm sound, came out with a Groove Toons clock. It works with any generation iPod nano. Great speakers for the price.

Check out the new version of Microsoft Student, it was great when it debuted in 2006 and is even better now. The new version has 60,000-plus encycolpedia articles and amazing step-by-step math solutions.

Need an external hard drive for all those book reports and notes? Western Digital’s My Passport comes in 11 colors and is preloaded with the Google Desktop Search and Picasa photo organizer. has come out with mouse pads that are just that, actual pads of paper for jotting down notes. Random Dawdle, Daily Mood Tracker, Information Center and 5 Days a Week are the four different ones that they offer.

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