Before you Travel…

Traveling any time of the year can sometimes be stressful when you don’t know what to expect. By car, Train, Bus or Plane, you should check out these sites before you go.

Road Closures – Check out the Federal Highway Administration for road closures, delays, traffic cameras and weather related road closures. You just click on the state you are want and it gives you a list of links to choose from.

WeatherWeather Underground is a great site to find out weather, humidity, wind, five day forecast and you can even get an hourly report of the temperature. You just put in the City, State or zip code of the city your checking. You can even check on different countries.

Delays – If your traveling by plane, check out the Flight Delay Information from the Federal Aviation Administration. Its always nice to know before you go if you flight is delayed.

Restaurants – Where will you eat when you get there? Check out for some great reviews of restaurants, shopping, nightlife, entertainment and much more. They dont have every city, mostly just the major cities, but the search integration with the Google Maps API is great.

Airline Meals – If you are traveling by plane and want to know what meals will be served on your flight, check out It is an amazing website which has a huge collection of information about meals provided by different airlines around the globe. It is user contributed and you’ll find find thousands of images of different meals from different flights.

MapsGoogle maps is great for checking out the area before you travel. You can print out point to point maps before you travel to take with you. They have images, most popular searches and user created maps. This is a very user friendly site.

I hope some of these sites help you in your planning for your next trip. Happy Travels!

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