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Summer is over and you probably have a ton of vacation photos downloaded to your computer waiting for a chance to put them on a disk or memory stick to take to the nearest print center to have them printed, only to take them home and get them into a photo album. Why not save time and usually money and try out some of these photo sites. It so much fun to put albums together and its so simple too. Many of them have great deals for new members, so you end up getting FREE prints or special prices on photo items.

Shutterfly – 4X6: 15 cents, 8X10: $3.99, Photo Book: 8X8 size $29.99 for the first 20 pages, then 70 cents for each additional page. *Right now they have 30% off each additional book when you purchase the first one at regular price. They also have Christmas cards and calendars. Shipping: 30 prints for $2.49.

Snapfish – 4X6: 9 cents, 8X10: $2.99, Photo Book: 8X8 size $24.99 for 20 pages double-sided color pages. They have mini flip books starting at $4.99. If you’re new to Snapfish you receive 20 FREE prints the first time you upload. * Save 25% off the second item when the first item is purchased at regular price.

Artscow – 4X6: 6 cents, 8X10: 49 cents, Photo Book: For new members only 8X8 size with 20 pages only $4.99, regular price $9.99. Get 400 FREE prints when you register. Shipping: 40 prints for $3.99.

Winkflash – 4X6: 8 cents, 8X10: $1.49, Photo Book: Classic 8X8 size $12.95, Custom cover 10X8 size $30.95 up to 20 pages. 50 FREE prints for all new members. Shipping: 20 prints for $1.49.

Dotphoto – 3X5: 9 cents, 4X6: 9 cents, 8X10: $2.89, Photo Book: 8X10 size $26.95. 50 FREE 4X6 prints for new members. Shipping: 26 prints for $2.49, Free on orders of 39.99.

SmugMug – 4X6: 19 cents, 8X10: $1.99, Photo Book: 8X10 size $19.95. Shipping: 50 prints for $2.95.

Some of these sites even offer you the chance to make some money off your photos, by selling them online.

Please share your experiences or great deals you have gotten with printing your photos online.

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