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In my post on September 17th, 7 Ways to Use The Books That are Laying About the House, I gave you ways to use books, well I thought today I would give you ways to find books for less. As I mentioned before my husband buys a lot of books for school and that becomes expensive. So we have been looking at ways to save money when purchasing books and not just hoping down to the college bookstore to buy full price books. Here are some sites we have recently used and have found to be just as described and fairly quick shipping time. – Of course everyone has heard of Amazon. We have been impressed with the amount of books they have and they usually carry odd ones that my hubby needs for school. Amazon now has a textbook store and you can sell you text books along with your other books. – An ebay site, offers New, Like New and Very Good Items. The prices are pretty good. They also have Cd’s and Dvds and Games. You can also sell your items on there. – Buy, Sell and Blog. This site lets you compare prices on new and used college textbooks. They claim they have over 8 million new and used textbooks and the average student saving of 61%. The average price is pretty good.

Green Tip of The Day: Recycling is a big help to the environment, so please buy used books when you can.

4 thoughts on “Buy Your Books For Less”

  1. I’ve used this site called before and it was a wonderful search engine site for textbooks. Ever use it before??? Cause i mean not to knock your article or anything but you want your readers like us to know even more ways for saving money. searches all the site’s you just mentioned plus the publishers and manufactures of the books nationally and internationally finding you the best discounts and coupons available. Then at the end of the semester you can sell your books back to for a guaranteed buy back rate that you learn of when you buy your book.

  2. Thanks so much. I have not heard of I will check it out. That would be a huge help for my hubby as he looks for textbooks. Thanks so much!

  3. I’m definitely agreeing with Greg on this one, is THE BEST online site to search for college textbooks. I use it every semester and save on average around $250. it’s so fast and easy and never have a problem being able to find the book i’m looking for or getting the books on time before my classes before.

  4. Thanks for the help. I showed it to my hubby and he will be checking them out next semester when he’s looking for books again.

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