Car Insurance for Teens – Best Deals

These last few weeks has been tough, as I have been searching for a car insurance company that isn’t going to take us to the poor house. My daughter has turned 16 and got her license. I was excited about the possibilities of her driving and taking her little sister places and picking up forgot items at the store, but little did I know it would cost such an insane amount. I called my insurance carrier (Progressive) and asked them to add her to the policy and it went from $474 for 6 months to just over $1200 for every 6 months. I almost died. Of course they wanted me to stay with them but I couldn’t afford that. So I started checking around.

State Farm – Again this was a tough one, they went over $1500 for 6 months. They do offer discounts for grades but it wasn’t worth it.

Geico – This was better at around $920 for 6 months but still not good. They offer discounts for grades also.

Country Insurance – They say with a combined house and car you can get a great deal but not so, it was $1100 for 6 months.

Esurrance – This was way out of range, $1451 for 6 months.

Allstate – This was the ultimate in craziness, $2247 for 6 months. Who can afford that?

This just gives you a little taste of what I went through until that one day when my dear friend mentioned that AAA offers car insurance. So I decided to give them a try. I checked it out online and got a quote for a bit over $700 for 6 months. I got very excited. Then I got a phone call back and we went through all the paperwork and he quoted me $681 for 6 months. How could I beat that? Now this wont be true for everyone because of age of parents, vehicles owned, leased, paid for or financed. But I hope this helps you in your search for car insurance for you teen driver.

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