7 Tips to Help Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

groceriesSaving Money – That’s the name of the game. If you can cut your grocery bill in half, then you will be on the way to saving a lot of money.

Here are some helpful tips to save you money on our next shopping trip:

1. Stop buying plastic wrap, tin foil, and sandwich bags – For everything you would need those items for, their are re-usable (ec0-friendly) alternatives like tupperware or fabric bags that keep your sandwiches fresh.

2. Use Coupons – Over at Twin Mama Loves she posted about How to build your stash of coupons. Online you can find a ton of great coupon sites to help you find the coupons you need.

3. Grow your own – Even if you live in a small apartment you can grow a garden with a sufficient amount of food to help cut your grocery bill.  Oh My Apartment has some helpful tips for starting an Apartment Garden. And if you live in a house, you have many choices on where and how much to grow.

4. Don’t shop when you are hungry – This is probably the most important tip. If you shop when you are hungry you end up buying things you don’t need, so to counteract those impulse buys, grocery shop after a meal.

5. Always eat your leftovers – Try making extras so that you have left overs for another meal in the week, saving you time and eating out. Try not to let your left overs get thrown away – this is a big money saver, using what you have and not wasting.

6. Make food from scratch – This may take more time but the amount of money you save by cooking from scratch is well worth it and if that doesn’t get you, the taste alone should.

7. Check the store ads before you go – Before you go on a big shopping trip check out the ads to see where you will save the most money on the things you need.

Urban Spoon

us_spinUrban Spoon is the world’s leading provider of time-critical dining data, a major division of a very important multi-national corporation, and an all-around BIG PLAYER in the multi-billion dollar restaurant information industry.

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They are an informative site with cheap eats to find dining. Giving you the top ten in each category. You can vote on if you like a restaurant or not, which is a help to those who are checking out a restaurant for the first time and want to know what people think. They also have a blog portion of the site with pertinent information along with user reviews, a map and menus to look at before you go.

And if you can’t decide where you want to eat, you can spin and ta da! You have a restaurant to try. You also have options, like neighborhood, cuisine or price.

Urbanspoon is a very helpful site filled with everything you could ever want in restaurant reviews. Check out Urbanspoon and you will never get stuck eating at a bad restaurant ever again.

Pepsi’s All Natural Soda

pepnatural5Today I was talking with a friend about cola and how different it tastes from a can, to plastic bottle to a glass bottle. As we were talking he mentioned that Pepsi had come out with a new All Natural Cola. After searching the Pepsi Co website a bit I found a news feed that talks about it.

As part of the company’s “Refresh Everything” campaign, Pepsi is reinvigorating its beverage lineup with the introduction of three new products. Pepsi Natural, Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback , all sweetened with natural sugar, will be hitting the beverage aisle this March and April.

An all-new premium cola, Pepsi Natural is made with all-natural ingredients, including lightly sparkling water, natural sugar, natural caramel and kola nut extract. The amber-hued cola gets its color from natural caramel and natural apple extract. From the amount of bubbles to the foam that rises to the top of beverage when it’s poured, Pepsi Natural offers a brand-new cola experience.

I am excited to try this and luckily they are selling it near where I live. Pepsi Natural is packaged in a sleek 12-oz. glass bottle and is available in single-serve and 4-packs initially in the premium and/or natural food aisles of retail outlets in the following ten regional markets; Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas and New York.

Starbucks New Healthier Food Options

imagesAs I made my way to Starbucks this morning, I was ready to order my regular coffee and doughnut when I noticed the coffee sign was different. I asked the lady about it and she said “yes today is the premiere of the new healthier food options”. So I politely asked what they were and on the glass case where the food is was a new sign that read – No Artificial Trans Fats, No  Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Dyes and No High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Along with these changes they have added some new menu items, such as Bluberry Oat Bar, Banana Walnut Bread, Marshmallow Dream Bar, and the best part – the Farmers Market Salad – it sounds amazing, with blue cheese, almonds, cranberries, and apples on a bed of romaine lettuce with all natural balsamic vinaigrette and only 300 calories.

Bringing the same passion Starbucks has in serving customers some of the best coffee in the world, the company went back to the kitchen and started from scratch. Starbucks baked and tasted hundreds of recipes to make its food more as nature intended, cutting out all artificial flavors, dyes and high fructose corn syrup, as well as artificial preservatives wherever possible.

I am so impressed by these changes, it makes me feel better knowing that Im not ingesting all that artificial junk. Get out and enjoy some – Real Food. Simply Delicious.