Organizing Tips for Your Home and Life

Do you sometimes feel like finding what you need is a treasure hunt and your the one drawing the map? Are you constantly moving boxes from place to place to get to what you need? Do you feel overwhelmed when you start to clean because you cant even pull the vacuum out? Than this is for you.

Three of the most common reasons why it may be difficult to organize is because you either, A) Have too much stuff, B) You’re unorganized or C) You’re too busy or too lazy. Whatever the case my be, here are ways you can get organized.

If you have the Pack-Rat Syndrome one great tip to use is to put some of the stuff you don’t use in a box and stick it in the garage and write on your calendar in 6 months to check on the box. If in that 6 months you never got anything out of it, take it straight to donation. Don’t even open it or you might change your mind. If you feel like some of its worth some money, than stick the items on ebay or craigslist and get some money, it wont be nearly as hard to get rid of it if you get some cash in return.

Being unorganized is a “right now” short-term solution. It deals with your life at the very moment you are dealing with it, but in the long run it wastes a lot of your valuable time because you have to deal with it repeatedly. To become organized you have to implement the cleaning process over and over daily until it becomes a habit.

Do you feel like 24 hours in a day is never enough? Are you tired most of the time and have no energy? Organizing your time is going to help you in organizing your home. Take a look at what you do daily. Are you spending too much time watching TV? Are you too busy shopping? Neglecting the daily needs of the house? Even if you work a full time job, if your time is organized you can get a lot done and still have time for your family.

For all your organizing needs, check out

Green tip of the day: Recycle/Re-use old shoe boxes, cardboard boxes or plastic containers for organizing your bathroom, laudry room and kitchen. Jars, milk jugs(with the top cut off) and cans can all be used to organize items in the garage. Not only is this good for the environment, its also good on your pocket book.

How to Create a cheap Communications Wall for your Office

Whether its the business office or the home office, you can create a communications wall cheaper then you may think. White board and Chalk board walls are so helpful for business meetings, calendar events and organizing thoughts and ideas.

Did you know you can make a magnetic chalkboard wall? Check out the article on How To Create a Magnetic Chalkboard Wall at You will need magnetic paint and chalkboard paint to complete this project. A court of magnetic paint will run about $30. and a quart of chalk board paint is about $15.

If you just want a chalkboard wall, well that’s pretty self explanatory. Just paint the wall with chalkboard paint and there you have it. Chalkboard paint comes in many gray and green tones. For an at home office chalkboard wall calendar, check out this idea from

For a whiteboard wall check out the article and instructions at CoolTool, Marker Board Walls. You will need Tileboard and liquid nail paneling glue. The cost is approximately $50. Not bad for a full wall of whiteboard.

These are just some ideas, each at a great low price. There are a lot of ways you can create great walls for your specific needs. Check out your local Home Depot or Lowes for more office ideas.

8 Tips on How to Have an Effective Meeting at Starbucks

The favorite spot for meetings these days is Starbucks, Peet’s or really any coffee house that has good coffee and enough seating to not intrude on the other people who most likely don’t want to be a part of your meeting. Getting out of the office for a meeting is a great way to shake things up and boost morale.

Here are a few tips on how to have an effective meeting at any coffee house:

1. Order a coffee, OK well you don’t have to order coffee, but no sense having a meeting at a coffee house if your not going to get coffee. And to really boost the morale pay for your employees’ coffee drinks. A little caffeine will do them good.

2. Give the employees 5-10 minutes of open time, just to encourage them to relate to one another.

3. Come prepared with pen and pad to take notes. Its important to take notes, unless you have a secretary to take notes for you, in that case make sure she comes prepared.

4. You must listen! This is the most important thing, always listen when others are speaking. This will encourage others to listen too. Keep in mind this is something you should practice in all aspects of life, not just for meetings.

5. Go around and have each person share what they are working on and ask them to share any areas they may need help or have questions. Questions are always good, so let them feel free to ask away.

6. Come with fresh, new ideas to share and make sure your employees feel the ideas they share are valuable.

7. Remember you have a coffee in front of you, enjoy it. And if the going gets tough, take a sip and enjoy it some more.

8. When the meeting comes to a close make sure and tell everyone “Thank you for coming”.

Follow these tips and at the end of the meeting you will have people saying “Gee we need to have more meetings” and “That was a great use of my time”. Be the cool, hip boss and take your meeting to Starbucks and start feeling the love from your employees.

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What is The PocketMod?

I was searching the Internet for a free organizer and stumbled across The PocketMod website. The free recyclable personal organizer. The PocketMod is a new way to keep yourself organized. Basically the PocketMod is a piece of paper that you create, print off, cut and fold to fit in your wallet or purse. You click on the link Build a PocketMod now! and create your own PocketMod. They have lines, grids in three sizes, tables, story boards, music staff sheets and music tab sheets. They have a calendar tab, with a deadline plotter, appointment time-sheet, and full year calendars. Under the organizers tab, you will find shopping lists, task lists, food diary and more. Reference pages with conversions, formulas, tips tables(which really would come in handy for those hard to calculate dinners) and Morse code. They even have a tab with games, I guess you could have that ready for your kids when they get bored, unless you are a big Tic Tac Toe or Dots fan. You can also customize your own pages. They have a step-by-step folding instruction guide and if that isn’t easy enough you can watch the YouTube video on “How to fold your PocketMod”. I created one and the YouTube instructions were very easy to follow. You have to remember this is a small organizer but I was amazed at how many things I could actually fit on one piece of paper. Also you will need a flash player in order to run the application. Check it out and create your own PocketMod today.