Poop Freeze – Does it Work?

What is Poop Freeze? If you haven’t been fortunate to see the infomercial online than you are missing out. Actually, I’m wondering if Poop Freeze actually works? What do you think?

Here is what the website says:

POOP-FREEZE™ is a specially formulated aerosol freeze spray that, upon contact, forms a frosty film on dog poop (or cat poop) to harden the surface for easy pick-up. POOP-FREEZE is a great companion to a pooper scooper for clean fast dog poop or cat poop disposal.

POOP-FREEZE contains no CFC’s and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Totally safe for both humans and pets when used as directed. Great product testimonials have been given to POOP-FREEZE for dog poop and cat poop removal. POOP-FREEZE, a pooper scooper and dog poop waste bags are the perfect solutions to fast and easy dog poop and cat poop removal.

What Users are Saying:

  • 5 Stars – is really really good..
  • 4 Stars – Not only does it work but it’s fun to use too. I took it with me when we visited relatives. It really came in handy.
  • 5 Stars – This product is amazing. The best part is when it forms the white, crusty film right before your eyes. It also came in handy recently when grandpa had an accident in the middle of my daughter’s graduation party. Her friends were impressed. Reviews from EntirelyPets.com

If you have ever used Poop Freeze, please leave a comment, good or bad, I want to know if this Poop Freeze stuff works.

Don’t Foreget your Pets on Valentines Day

If your best pal is your pet, then some holiday pampering may be in order.

1. Try making your pet some Biscuits or Treats. They will love you for it. Here is a simple recipe for Doggie Treats and one for your favorite feline.

2. Buy them a new toy. Check out the 8 Best Valentines Gifts for Your Cat! and DogToys.com has some toys yours doggie will love.

3. Treat your furry friend to a day at the spa. Check your yellow pages or the internet for local listings.

4. Bake them a Puppy Cake. The cake mix for dogs.

5. Catsplay.com offers a wide variety of gift baskets for your pet, including dogs. Or make your own basket full of goodies.

6. Take your dog to the dog park for day of fun with other doggie friends. Quality time with your pet is the most important thing you can do for them.

7. Take them for a dental check-up. If you’ve never had your veterinarian check your pet’s teeth, your pet is long overdue. February is National Pet Dental Health Month.

8. Whatever you do on Valentines Day for your pet, remember to keep them away from the human Valentines goodies and gift wrap. This holiday often brings special cards and gifts decorated with ribbons, tinsel, or yarn. Although cats love to play with string and tinsel, these “toys” can cause serious damage to your cat’s intestines if swallowed. Make sure your special gifts stay out of your cat’s reach! Keep your dogs and cats away from chocolate also. A ten pound dog can come away with vomiting/diarrhea, hyperactivity, seizures and an abnormally elevated heart rate from just two ounces of baking chocolate or 20 ounces of milk chocolate.

Ingredients You Should Look for in Your Dog Food

The Best dog food is usually not found in the grocery store. Natural food stores, veterinary offices, and feed stores will often carry the best choices for dog food. Do some research before purchasing any brand of dog food. Just because its at the veterinary office or feed store doesn’t mean its high quality, they do carry low quality dog food too.

One of the ways to tell if the food is high quality is if they list the ingredients. Always check the ingredients first. If you see corn or some other grain as the first ingredient than chances are it’s not something you want to feed your dog. Grains are fillers and will fill your dog up but will leave him mal-nourished. The first ingredient should always be meat and the meat preferred by most vets is chicken. Lamb, turkey, fish, beef and venison are all good choices, too, but subtle nutritional variations in amino acid spectrum and the fatty acid composition contributed by the “meat” may be different when these protein sources are compared to chicken. Look for the Protein content to be at least 30 percent, the Fat content to be at least 18 percent, preservatives to be via Vitamin E and/or C and look for Omega Fatty Acid to be present.

Buying high quality dog food is obviously going to be more expensive than the dog food at the grocery store but the health benefits are huge. Plus you’ll find that you feed your dog less when the food is high quality and visits to your vet will be greatly reduced.

Check out WoodHavenLabs.com for the list of definitions of dog food ingredients. The Dog Food Project has some very useful information to help make your dog food choice easier.