Christmas Budget Gift #2…Cookies in a Jar

Another great budget Christmas idea that family and friends are sure to love are ‘Cookies in a Jar’. This easy and inexpensive gift is really fun to make too! Fastly becoming a family tradition in our household, we usually make 10-20 of these jars every Christmas. Though we usually end up having a flour fight by the end of it, this activity is great to do with your kids as well.

There are a lot of great recipes and mixes out there for these cookies in a jar. The basic concept is to colorfully create a cookie mix that contains all of the dry ingredients necessary for the recipient of the gift to make a batch of cookies. You can buy the ingredients in bulk or large bags that will save you in the long run and make three to four jars with the same ingredients. Some fabric on the top of the jar makes it a beautiful gift, great for Christmas parties and to put under the tree.

Simply gather the few supplies needed: quart size canning jars, scrap fabric, scissors and ribbon and the necessary ingredients and you are ready to go. Choose a recipe that you want to create. Family Crafts has some great recipes that are easy to follow, you simply put the listed ingredients and amounts in the order listed into the jar. Hint: Fill all of the jars with a similar recipe and you can get your kids involved in the process!

After filling the jars, you can decorate them with ribbon, fabric or even a personalized note! All the recipient has to do is add eggs and the cookies are ready to be baked! Another great and cheap Christmas gift that your friends are sure to love!

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