Christmas Budget Gift #3…Creative Coupons

One of the best and favorite gifts in our families is giving ‘Creative Coupons’ to each other around birthdays and Christmases. Being poor college students, and now a poor young married couple, we have always tried to keep the budget low around the holidays, and it has helped us to realize how special these holidays can be with or without gifts. It is being with people, family and friends, that makes the holidays so special for us.

Creative Coupons are a fun and great gift to give family members, kids and spouses during Christmas that can last a long time. Coupons can be anything that you are willing to give that won’t cost you anything but time, energy and love. Some of our personal favorites are: “a night of cooking dinner”, “a foot massage”, “going for a walk”, or “a your-choice movie night”.

For spouses, choose a chore that your spouse normally does and give them a coupon to redeem at the time of their choosing that asks you to do that chore for the night. With your kids, give them coupons for special outings or the ‘clean-your-room’ exempt coupon. With friends, offer a movie night of their choice, or a restaurant of their choice. Coupons that can be redeemed, that don’t expire, and offer things that you know that person would enjoy, can be great and meaningful gifts at Christmas time and are inexpensive and cost effective.

Put them on fancy letterhead or decorated index cards and wrap them up with a bow or in a box for added aesthetic effect.

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