Christmas Budget Gift #5…Words Worth Their Weight

As the Christmas season gets closer and closer, the stress for buying gifts and finding that perfect present for the one you love can drive some people insane. Shopping at major department stores and staggering through crazy after-Thanksgiving lines, racking up credit card debt and wondering if they’ll even like it can be typical emotions for some during the Christmas season.

But is there joy in giving a gift if the gift drives the gift-giver insane? And if the gift-giver gives the gift to the one getting the gift are they grateful they got it?

The power of words on paper can be an incredibly special sentiment during Christmas. The amazing thing about the gift of words is that they come from the mind and heart of the one who pens them. In a post a few months back, How to Write A Love Letter, I mention some practical tips that can help you write a meaningful and honest letter to a significant other. Family members and friends appreciate cards and letters too. A great, inexpensive, yet amazing powerful gift during Christmas can be a letter or card to a family member, significant other or friend.

If you feel a lack of confidence in your ability to pen those heartfelt emotions, try finding a romantic quote from the great poets (or from your favorite TV show) and use that as a launching point for your own exposition of emotion.

Make a list of all the wonderful qualities you appreciate about that person and how you value their time, energy and love in your life. Write the ‘top ten things I like about your hair’ or ‘5 reasons why I love you’ and other romantically playful or seasonally meaningful titles.

Words can mean even more than ‘expensive’ gifts from the store or that new DVD or video game your kid has been asking for. I still have letters and cards from my parents and, in darker times, they are lights that provide hope and encouragement. The weight of your encouraging and uplifting words to a friend or family member can brighten their Christmas and deepen a relationship around the holidays.

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