Christmas Budget Gift #6…Thrifty Toy Shopping

Buying toys for your kids can become a stressful and expensive process during the holidays. The day after Thanksgiving will be wrought with hurried and stressed people trying to find that perfect gift for their kids. We received a magazine in the mail yesterday from Hasbro and it was filled with toy products, video games and other things that kids would want around Christmas.

While these gifts are all well and good, if you’re child doesn’t have their heart set on that brand new, extra shiny (and expensive) lego set, think about our Christmas Budget Gift #6: Buying toys from thrift stores. Toys from thrift stores can be a great and inexpensive alternative of giving gifts around the holidays. While it will require some shopping and a little extra work, it could save you a ton of money in the long run.

I know that sometimes kids have their hearts set on particular games or toys and that to be able to give them the toy that they put on Santa’s list is a great joy of Christmas. But if your child is not particular, or you know (from previous experience) that they are going to play with the toy for three days and then discard it into the box of all the other toys they’ve only played with for three days, then buying a toy or game from a thrift store might be a wise financial investment.

When shopping at thrift stores, look for toys that are in good shape and that could still last awhile. Often times families just need to get rid of toys, but the toys themselves are still good. Make sure you sanitize the toys well, running them through the dishwasher if they are made of the right material, or the washer and dryer if its a doll or clothing. These toys can become as good as new and give your kids hours of enjoyment.

Many of these Christmas Budget tips require a little extra work, but the amount of money you can save can be worth the extra time and effort. Consider thrift stores for a inexpensive, yet just as meaningful toy-giving Christmas.

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