Scooters – Are they really Scooterific?

I never really saw a scooter, except on movies usually taking place in Europe but now they are everywhere. With gas prices rising almost daily, people are looking at scooters as a big way to save money on gas. I started checking out scooters, trying to figure out what all the hype is. Being a family of four I have a hard time with a scooter, only two people can fit on one, so why would I buy one? Can it really save that much money over time?

Here are some of the pro’s and con’s to owning a scooter.

Pro’s ~ 80-100 miles per gallon, they can fit anywhere, you wont be left searching for a parking space, they are fairly inexpensive compared to buying a new car and they are fun.

Con’s ~ You cant take your family on a scooter, if you have cold, wet winters you will need to drive your car or get some really nice waterproof gear, only the large 250cc can be driven on the freeway, they are dangerous and sorry to say they make you look a tad dorky.

Check out this article at ,MSN Is a Scooter the answer?. It has a calculator on the side that can tell you how much money you could save over a year. Another calculator that will tell you how many miles you would need to ride a scooter in order for it to pay for itself is: Scooter Money Saver Calculator. I would have to ride a scooter 11,613 miles for it to pay for itself. That’s a lot of miles!

Here is another article that piqued my interest, Scooters – 11 Reasons not to Buy One. This is from the point of view of a man who owns a scooter.

If you want an alternative to the normal scooter and a greener ride, check out the Vectrix. Its a bit pricey at over $11,000 but doesn’t need gas. It has a 20-kilowatt (26.8 horsepower) direct-current motor. Its top speed is 62 miles an hour but the drawback is that it cant be taken on very long trips without needing a charge.

What do you think about Scooters?

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