Don’t Fret – Last Minute Gifts Guaranteed to Arrive by Christmas

Over at I found an article with 3 pages of great last minute gift ideas, the date you need to purchase them by to receive them before Christmas and specials they are running. Some you can even order as late as December 23 to recieve them by the 24th. Check out Procrastination Central at

If you are ordering from Amazon you can check out their Christmas Ordering Cutoffs for details on when to order and with what kind of shipping you will need to use. They offer one-day shipping on December 23, the last possible day you can order on-line. offers some suggestions for how to make that last-minute shopping experience easier, quicker and headache-free.They tell you were to head and what to buy depending on how much time you have left.

Check out msnbc.coms article: Stop despairing, holiday procrastinators! 10 low-stree gift-shopping tips for those who wait until the last minute. This article has real practical ways to get your holiday shopping done without all the stress.

Sit back relax and take the advice from these articles and get your holiday shopping done. Don’t get stuck buying your Christmas gifts at your local gas station.

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