Are You Losing Sleep over Dreams?

Do you think dreams mean anything or does a person just dream? What causes a person to dream and does everyone dream in color? I have so many questions about dreams that I thought I would look up some of the answers to these perplexing questions and see what I find. Here is what I have found:

Why do you dream?

The brain receives stimuli from many different sources all day long. There are far too many stimuli for it to process. The mind prioritizes the stimuli and makes you aware of those that need immediate attention. The stimuli that you are not consciously aware of are nevertheless noted by the brain, but on a subconscious level. At night, when your body must rest, the mind continues working and the brain concentrates on processing all of those subconscious stimuli and emotions.

Does everyone dream?

Yes, All humans have REM sleep and most dreams occur in REM sleep.

Do we all dream in color?

According to scientists, No we don’t. So if you do, enjoy them.

What do those weird crazy dreams mean?

Some people believe you can interpret your dreams and others don’t. Here are some sites to check out:,, or

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